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Combine You Scholarship Efforts with Others Committed to Scholarship Success!

The Scholarship Mastermind Group meets online each Thursday (except holidays) from 5:30-6:30 mountain time. The agenda is simple:

  • Each participant shares action taken since the last meeting
  • Participants ask questions or work on the 5 Steps to Scholarship Success
  • Each participant lists 4 things they are going to to do before the next meeting

Typically participants attend every week while they are finding scholarships and preparing their reusable materials. Then, most join once a month while they are int Apply for 2-3 Scholarships a Week phase.

Each person learns from the questions or projects of others. The group encourages each other to success.

They help you get the money!

Your Instructor

Lawrence D. Stevenson
Lawrence D. Stevenson

Lawrence D. "Larry" Stevenson began helping people find and earn scholarships in 19984 when he read about one girl, with a 3.6 GPA, who earned $310,000 before the age of computers.He spent the last decade helping thousands of students earn free money for college.

As a professional trainer he taught 1,700+ groups in 22+ countries. He has authored 3 books and several online education programs. He is the author of 3 books on career development.

Class Curriculum

See you this Thursday! We look forward to seeing your progress, hearing your contributions, and celebrating your success!

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