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Get together, virtually, once a week to share successes, report progress, and solve problems. The group lifts spirits and improve your success!

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Participating in a regular Job Club accelerates your success. Job clubs keep you moving forward and acting effectively go get a great job. Like other job clubs our virtual job club follows an agenda each week:

  1. Each participant reports on how well they made their 10s since the last meeting
  2. Each participant asks the group for connections to companies of interest
  3. The group brainstorms solutions for challenges presented by any member of the group
  4. Each participant outlines their plans to accomplish before the next meeting

You may participate in our weekly job club for

  • Free with the monthly subscription to the Get a Great Job in 2 Months course.
  • $45 a month for 4-5 club meetings
  • $15 per club meeting

Your Instructor

Lawrence D. Stevenson
Lawrence D. Stevenson

Lawrence D. "Larry" Stevenson began helping people find and earn scholarships in 19984 when he read about one girl, with a 3.6 GPA, who earned $310,000 before the age of computers.He spent the last decade helping thousands of students earn free money for college.

As a professional trainer he taught 1,700+ groups in 22+ countries. He has authored 3 books and several online education programs. He is the author of 3 books on career development.

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